Certified Comics

So, you want to get your comic books certified? Or perhaps you would like to buy your comic books professionally graded by a 3rd party.
Comic books graded by Certified Guaranty Corporation ( CGC ) or Professional Grading eXperts ( PGX ) help to verify the grade or condition of the comic book, so you know you are getting the quality for which you paid.
Is it always necessary to buy a slabbed comic book? No, not really. If you are buying from a reputable dealer who knows how to grade comic books and detect restoration,  you may not want or need the extra expense. For example, the owner of MetropolisComics.com created the 10 point grading scale used industry-wide today, and the company is known for conservative and tight grading. However, they also sell comic books certified by CGC and PGX, because they understand that some collectors want to buy for resale and may not have the same recognized reputation.
If you have a comic collection to sell, definitely do some research about what you have before paying the have them graded. Not every “old comic” is valuable simply because it’s old, and you don’t want to spend $32 on economy grading (plus shipping costs to and from), only to have a comic that is worth $15 retail. You end up losing money! Here is what the world’s leading comic book auctioneer, ComicConnect.com has to say:
“It’s certainly less work for us to take a CGC graded comic book on consignment. The grading is already done, and we are responsible for the scanning, listing, marketing and auctioning of the comic. However, we hate to see collectors take a bath on unnecessary grading costs. If you’re thinking about getting comics grading, send us a list of the titles and issues, and we’ll give you our professional opinion about whether or not it is worthwhile.”